Thursday, December 9, 2010


Our local Sonic really makes me ANGRY at times(just keep reading, I KNOW you will find the seriousness of the situation)…as you can see, I am serious about my food & beverage…and do not want to be inconvenienced in the least, so anyway…My precious hubby was in desperate need of a beverage, so I being that Proverbs 31 wife that I am *cough* graciously offered my time and services, dropped EVERYTHING (facebook=everything, right?), and headed to Sonic. I pulled into my little “slot”, because, the line at the “drive-thru” area was really long, and I, again, did not need to be inconvenienced… I sat there a moment, oh, forgot to mention, I was on the phone with my mother…so yeah, I didn’t look at the menu immediately, we were discussing life-changing, important matters (a gravy mix I discovered that is “wow, slap yo mama GOOD!”), THIS conversation was a must! Anyway, focus, April, as I decided to press that little red button, summoning the Sonic Wizard (like in Oz…) I noticed a tiny little note over the magical button reading “out of order”…UGH!!!!!!! I mean could they not have chosen a smaller note?? Really? Grrr! Is it too much to ask for a cone in the drive spot? Or a large eye-catching note? I mean seriously…ugh….So, I had to back out, and pull into another “slot”, summon the wizard, and order that desperately needed beverage!!!! What a cruel world!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


WOW! This morning while I was enjoying a cup of coffee I decided to watch a little news. You know I don't want to be ostrich like, living as though nothing is happening around me,just because my current situation is fairly uneventful! But the longer I watched the more disturbed I became. We have the enormous flooding troubles going on in North Dakota, the officials are pleading with the disabled and elderly to evacuate now! How scary! Then they began sharing that N.Korea has began moving their new missile to the launch pad, Japan is taking precautions, & supposedly this missile has the ability to reach Alaska, Hawaii, and our west coast. Now whether or not they intend to launch it or not, it is not a good situation. THEN as though I hadn't heard enough they reported that NASA was releasing research concerning Solar Storms, I am NOT a "science" brainiac... But the best I can gather is that the sun has been "showering" what I will call Fire Thingys (lol) and some expert guy from the northeast said that this was a major issue of concern. Apparently these "fire thingys" could possibly penetrate our atmosphere and possibly reach the earth. If so the expert said it would be 10 times worse than Hurricane Katrina, that our electric grid could be wiped out NATIONALLY! Doesn't that give u a warm and fuzzy feeling ALL OVER? Not!!! Seriously, I wanted to turn the T.V. to Disney and watch "happy" T.V. So, what do I do? I know that fearing the unknown is never productive, but then ignoring the current circumstances is not profitable either. I do know that The Lord is my source and that HE is truly in control, but I also know that we have a job to do on this earth. I have to say I don't think I personally am doing my part. I want to do better, to be more involved and more proactive in the issues, because I do understand that it is the ISSUES that people are affected by, and I am in the people business!

Monday, August 4, 2008

It’s like taking cereal from a baby…DON’T DO IT!

Our youngest, Zane, just turned 13 months old Saturday. He is hilarious ya’ll! He has so much personality. He is a naturally funny child. Well we call it funny, some may call him “THAT” child….

Zane is great baby!

Always has been.

He sleeps well. Takes 2 decent naps in the day, then retires to bed at 7ish and usually sleeps 12 to 13 hours!

Saturday he decided to rise at 6 AM!

Yes! I was not sure that there were really 2 sixes in a day…but there are!

Daddy got up with him!

Note to self: be good to daddy!

So daddy was in the living room with our little rooster, watching the Discovery Channel, we had Shark Week saved on the DVR.

Daddy had stripped Zane down to only his diaper, and so, that is what he was playing around in.

So daddy thought.

I got up.

Saw an un-manned diaper lying in the kitchen floor.

I followed the baby talk noises.

What did I find?

My little one naked as a jay bird! Well naked as a pine cone is what my Zoe calls it…she has developed her own southern phrases!

Not only was he naked, but he was tugging at his wee willy wonka!

I stood back and observed for a moment.

Then he crawled over to daddy.

Daddy was feeding him dry Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal.

So, Zane requested a piece of his “breakfast” like only he can, in that LOUD screechy squeal.

Daddy obliged.

Zane then did the “funny/THAT” thing! He smeared it all over his w.w.w.!


Cinnamon and sugar all over HIM!

Then smiled at daddy and offered the piece back!


Daddy declined!


What do ya do?

Laugh, I guess!

What was once my favorite “kid” cereal, will forever be changed in my eyes!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

time goes by WAY TOO FAST!

I was uploading some pics to an online source when I came across this one. It made me SO SAD! This picture of Zane and I was taken exactly one year ago today, July 13, 2007! My baby has grown up TOO FAST! I can hardly stand it!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

i so smart

i am learning

all this cool stuff

now that i are am




cool line huh!

A list for the kids….

10 things I can do because of my kids (in no particular order)

1. I can sing ALL THE WORDS of the theme songs for following shows: Hannah Montana, Suit Life of Zack & Cody, Drake and Josh. As well as most High School Musical & Camp Rock songs.

2. Get in and out of Wal-Mart in less than 15 minutes. This is mainly because we ALL end up in tears if we are in there too long TOGETHER!

3. “Fall” for the same trick/joke a hundred + times, just to hear “got you”!

4. Nurse an infant, iron my hubby’s pants & talk on the phone all at the same time! Oprah would be SO proud of my multi-tasking abilities!

5. Live on little sleep and lots of COFFEE. This was really only an issue with my oldest. It is quite ironic that THEN he required NO sleep and TODAY he is like RAISING THE DEAD!

6. Make almost ALL boo-boos better with my Magical Kisses!

7. Pass as a Zebra, this is because I am banded with stretch marks over a HUGE percentage of my body! Thanks kids!

8. Drink AWESOME sweet tea with little floating food particles! YES my tea is THAT important to me!

9. Properly place, adjust and tighten football pads and equipment. This usually is a Daddy Job, but it has fallen to mom a time or two.

10. Watch and or participate in endless hours of skating/biking tricks, dance routines, football plays, tea parties, Halo victories, “Where’s the baby? There HIM is” game AND MANY MORE precious mommy memories!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

That's our date…July 6, 1996. A dozen years ago today we said "I do". And….WE DO! It has been an amazing 12 years. With smiles, tears, laughs, new lives, deaths, job changes, moves, basically…CHANGES! We haven't always agreed. BUT we have ALWAYS been best friends! Even more so today! This life, My Life, is precious to me….We may not have HUGE material things, but we have LOVE….and money can't buy that! Thank you Billy, for being mine….and giving me the best gift ever….YOU!